Maddocks murder case postponed again


THE one year anniversary of slain business man Noel Maddocks is approaching on August 10, and the trial of murder accused Tony Donile is yet to happen.

IN CUSTODY: Alleged murderer Tonny Donile in the dock at the Port Alfred Magistrate’s Court Picture: JON HOUZET

On Thursday, July 27, Donile appeared in the Port Alfred magistrates’ court after his trial was postponed in June due to Donile’s attorney withdrawing.

For the second time, murder accused Donile has had an attorney withdraw from his case, the most recent due to, “ethical consideration”.

Donile is accused of having murdered local businessman Noel Maddocks August last year.

In court, representatives for Donile said they had approached a new advocate to argue Donile’s case, but needed to allow him access to the post mortem results before he would commit to accepting the post.

The case was postponed again until August 24, two weeks past the anniversary of Maddock’s death.

The news of Maddocks’ death, a well-known Port Alfred business owner, shook the town and was seen and felt at the accused’s first court appearance where friends and family gathered to face the alleged killer.

Maddocks, was stabbed to death in the early hours of August 10, in an alleged confrontation with Donile at the Alfred Road residence of Donile’s ex-girlfriend. Donile allegedly smashed the door down to gain entry. The ex-girlfriend fled to the police station. Donile was arrested on the outskirts of town.

Donile’s former girlfriend Pia Roser has testified at a previous appearance.

The accused remains in custody.


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