Bank, IT business get school’s lab up and running

Computers installed free of charge

ARCHIE Mbolekwa Senior Primary School is a non-fee paying school situated in the Tantyi Village township in Grahamstown, catering for pupils from Grade R to Grade 9. Most of its 590 pupils come from disadvantaged homes where parents do not earn much or are unemployed. Five years ago the school management found itself in a position to alter one of its classrooms into a computer lab, and purchased 14 computers.

However, the computers are still in their original boxes as the school is not in a position at this stage to finance the installation process, said deputy headmaster Lindiso Funani. “It is our dream to see the computer lab fully functional for the benefit of our pupils,” he said. Funani approached GBS Mutual Bank, where he spoke to the general manager of marketing Kirk Breetzke.

He explained the situation the school found itself in regarding the computers and the unfinished computer lab. GBS Mutual Bank readily agreed to assist the Section 21 school, bringing another Grahamstown business, IT Solutions, on board to manage the project jointly, in consultation with its owner, Garry Jevons.

It was agreed between the three parties that GBS Mutual Bank would finance the electrical side of making the computer lab fully functional, while IT Solutions would take care of the technical side – installation and setting up of the 14 computers. The entire project for the Archie Mbolekwa computer lab to become functional is being undertaken by GBS Mutual Bank and IT Solutions, at no cost to the school.

Funani explained that the past few years had been a struggle for the school financially, with limited financial resources and the fact that it was a non-fee paying educational institution.

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He said the school was truly grateful for the assistance it was receiving from GBS Mutual Bank and IT Solutions for the establishment of a fullyfunctional computer lab that would be for the benefit of current and future pupils.

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