Frustrated long-time voters forced to reregister on roll


PROBLEMS with the Ndlambe voters’ roll emerged before and during the most recent special voter registration weekend.

TotT received a number of calls and e-mails from frustrated Ward 10 residents, some long-time voters, who were not on the roll, and other more recently registered voters who found they were still listed as living in another town.

These were unrelated to the instances where residents of the northern portion of the East Bank, above the R72, had to reregister in Station Hill as ward boundaries have changed and they are now in Ward 9.

The DA also reported coming across voter registration errors. TotT asked caucus leader and Ward 10 councillor Ray Schenk for comment.

“The DA has a concern regarding incorrect addresses and voters seemingly dropped off the voters roll,” Schenk said.

“Over this past voter registration weekend we experienced a number of cases as indicated by you. Fortunately these were rectified.

“We found a number of people who were on the voters roll, but with incorrect address information. I discussed these issues with the local IEC officials and they informed me that these errors emanate from national office. We shall be escalating this to our head office to ascertain how this can be rectified,” he said.

Even some people who registered at the previous voter registration period in March found that their information had not reflected on the voters’ roll at the registration venue. When Schenk enquired, he was informed that the information from the March period had not yet been included on the current voters’ roll but that everything will be captured correctly at the IEC head offices together with last w e e ke n d ’s information.

“What is of significance is that the zip zap bar coded sticker given to those that registered is proof that they have registered in the correct ward and voting district,” he said.

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