Student revelry disrupts lives

AS I write this, it is 1am and I have, as on every night this year, been awoken by returning Stenden students next door, from their nightly drinking spree at whatever source they could find.

Slamming of doors, hooting of cars in farewell, loud shouting at each other, calling and, even singing at the top of their voices, are what it is all about.

This continues for at least an hour before they eventually collapse to sleep off their indulgence, just to do it all over again tomorrow.

They then start again at 9am, when they have hopefully missed the first lectures of the day?

No, I don’t think so. They must have very little in the way of homework or studying to do to afford them the nightly binges.

How fair is it on the campus security staff to have to be summoned nightly to sort this lot out, with no effect whatsoever?

The question remains: What impact does this have on the local residents, who bought their homes years ago and have been forced to have these poorly behaved students in the residential suburb with no recourse whatsoever, as the management of this institution seem to care less?

The excuse of: “if you have students next door, you can expect it” does not go down well with anybody. We were here first and were not consulted about the establishment of this institution – or the accommodation.

It is time for the management to face facts. The reasoning that money is being brought into Port Alfred leaves me stone cold.

Yes, I am sure the liquor outlets would want to crucify me. Is this what we want for Port Alfred? Just a second-hand Grahamstown.

Ask them how they love those digs . . .

Maybe now I can try to go back to sleep. It is 2am. Again.


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