Time traffic violators are brought to book

I REFER to your article “Erratic traffic policing”.

This article begs for stern comment from all road-users in our area.

The daily traffic transgressions that we, considerate and law-abiding drivers, are subjected to each day are disgusting, mind-boggling and totally unacceptable.

Our lives and those of children, are daily in danger of severe harm and injury by vehicular cowboys behind steering wheels.

The fact that few or no traffic officials are ever seen around and about, is tantamount to this department being guilty of gross negligence of its duties (and thereby guilty when unnecessary accidents occur) and this should be dealt with, with great urgency and extreme severity.

All wakes/funerals are “sensitive”, but where on earth does this mean that this behaviour is acceptable in a municipal/residential area?

Shame on all those involved and who think they are above the law.


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