Ndlambe takes stray cattle off farmer’s land


NDLAMBE Municipality has collected 11 stray cattle that had wandered onto Alexandria farmer Brent McNamara’s land, following Talk of the Town’s queries last week.

McNamara, who is chairman of the Alexandria Agricultural Association (AAA), has been pressing the municipality on the issue of the animal pound, which remained inoperative a year after it opened.

Stray animals continue to pose a danger to motorists on public roads and have been a bane for farmers.

Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa told TotT the pound would be discussed at last Friday’s council meeting, but it was not.

The municipality also refused to impound three donkeys that McNamara has in his safekeeping, after they wandered onto the land of a member of the AAA.

The reason for not taking the donkeys was because McNamara had acted as a “third party” or “agent” for another farmer.

“Their excuses get more inventive day by day,” he said. “Anyway, I feel sorry for the poor creatures, and I am sure that I will find a decent home for them.

“The cattle, according to regulations, must have gone to the pound to be correctly processed,” McNamara said.

“The owners should also have had criminal cases opened against them for failing to brand their animals, prior to release.  I will wait a week or so, and then request to see the pound register, as permitted by the by-laws, to ensure that all the correct processes were followed. If they were not, I will open a criminal case against the responsible official.”

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