Ward 10 needs a people’s person

IN response to Sxeaks Nkwinti’s letter in Have Your Say in the TotT of May 26, I must agree that Ward10 needs a people’s person who is approachable and accessible to all residents at all times.

This, my dear Mr Nkwinti, is exactly who I am and what I have been doing during my term of office and shall be doing during my next term of office. The residents and ratepayers of Ward 10 have been a wonderful support to me in the pursuance of my duties and commitments as their ward councilor. They have also known for some time that I shall be the Democratic Alliance candidate for Ward 10 during the forthcoming local government elections on August 3, while the candidate for the ANC is unknown and will bring no more than false promises.

I am bemused by the comment that, while Mr Nkwinti is a TotT reader, he is unaware of any meetings for Ward 10. On May 9 a very important mayoral imbizo was widely advertised and took place at 2pm at the Civic Centre. I chaired that meeting and the seat reserved for Mr Nkwinti remained empty. It is precisely at these meetings where residents and ratepayers can interact and express their views and to note how well the councillor represents them.

The DA takes pride in treating all residents and ratepayers equally and with understanding of their concerns.

A vote for the DA on August 3 is a vote for freedom, fairness and opportunity.