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Mayor surprises with only 9% increase


NDLAMBE mayor Sipho Tandani was pleased to announce a rates increase reduced to single digits -9% – for the 2016/2017 budget at a special council meeting last Thursday.

The rates increase was originally pegged at 17% but, after consideration, the tabled budget had the figure at 11%. It was believed that figure, decided by the end of May, would not change.


“Many budget steering committee meetings were held as well as one-to-one sessions with managers and directors [of the municipality] to craft the final budget,” Tandani wrote in his speech to council.

He went on to say that, “the final product is based on all the input received from the officials and the public”.

“The budget that is presented for consideration is as follows;

“Recognising the needs as well as the realities of the limitations placed on us by the National Treasury and economic affordability, a capital budget of R37 504 600 from grants and R5 078 300 from internal funds has been drafted and is hereby placed before you for approval.

“The fact that we once again have limited capital procurement from internal funding is of great concern. I am, however, hopeful that the budget presented and the additional measures established to bring in outstanding debt, funding will be generated to do the mid-year adjustment budget that will allow for capital expenditure from internal funds.”

“An operating budget of R408 203 000 (excluding capital transfers) income and R376 684 000 expenditure is hereby submitted for your consideration.”

The increases approved by council are as follows:

Rates to increase by 9% – the rebates according to council’s policy will be applied to the respective categories of ratepayers; electricity 12%, water 16%, sewerage 7.5%, sanitation 7% and refuse 7%.

“All other miscellaneous tariffs have been increased to cover the costs of providing the service and are included in the budget pack under supporting information,” Tandani said.

Councillors, including the opposition, applauded Tandani at the completion of his speech.

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