Crusader Ray ignores apartheid villainy

THE adage that says those living in glass houses should not throw stones is so true when it comes to councillor Ray Schenk and the letter he wrote in the TotT of June 30.

Given his age, he must have grown up and participated in South Africa’s worst separatist government, yet he has the aplomb to launch a crusade against the ANC government and its

Take a good look at the narrative of the diabolical actions of governments he was once associated with.

Under the leadership of BJ Vorster, the notorious John Vorster Police Station killed more than 70 political activists while in custody, including Steve Biko. PW Botha succeeded Vorster and
continued to embarrass the country in the eyes of the international community. He refused to testify in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The last apartheid president, FW de Klerk, also refused to appear before the TRC for apartheid killings. He instituted a successful court action as a result and all findings against him in the TRC’s final report were blacked out.

So Ray ’s continued “anti-ANC mantra” puzzles me. Compare the uninviting narrative above with the acceptance of the rule of law displayed by the following ANC leaders: President Nelson Mandela was hauled before the courts by the then president of the South African Rugby Football Union, Louis Luyt, for commissioning an inquiry into racism in rugby. He cooperated. Former president Thabo Mbeki followed suit. He cooperated with the Seriti Arms

Commission and proposed that the report be taken on judicial review.

President Jacob Zuma also cooperates and respects the rule of law as he commits to paying for all non-security upgrades at his homestead.


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