DA offers equal opportunities for all

THE 2016 local government elections are less than four weeks away.

Careful thought must be given to whom you cast your vote for. Fierce battles rage within the ANC about their candidate list. The independent news media are reporting on this in-fighting
and dissatisfaction among ANC members and supporters. This includes the killing of councillor
candidates in KwaZulu-Natal, destruction of property in Tshwane and elsewhere. Does the ANC care?

The country’s economy is in meltdown and the ANC points to the 2008 global recession as a reason.

We are now in 2016 and many African countries to the north of us show growth rates up to 7%, while that of South Africa is teetering on 0,7%! Almost six million young people under the age of 35 are unemployed. This is a challenge to which we must rise, but, does the ANC

The ACDP and other smaller parties have entered the arena. Based on the proportional representation system, they are spoilers. They are obviously happy to have an ANC-led council, as they are unlikely to garner the numbers to gain a seat.

What they will achieve is to give the ANC an opportunity to gain an additional seat because that is how proportional representation works. The Democratic Alliance offers principled, value-driven leadership and a vision that includes expanded equal opportunities for all through
freedom and fairness.


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