Matters of General Concern at Local Government Level

 Vision for Ndlambe and Port Alfred

WHAT is the DA’s vision for Ndlambe and Port Alfred?

How does the DA propose to realise this vision using the representation on the Ndlambe Council that voters gave it in the August local government elections? Can the DA differentiate itself from the other parties by offering a vision backed by an action plan: aims, objectives and deadlines?

How do they see the potential conflict of roles of an opposition councillor who may be called upon to challenge the recommendations of a committee at council level, or even hold the committee to account?

This potential conflict of roles could compromise key processes, such as:

  • Development and the approval of the IDP
  • Budgeting and approval process
  • The holding of municipal officials to account on specific issues

How does the DA think ward councillors should discharge their responsibility to communicate with the people they represent according to the spirit and letter of the preamble to Schedule 1 of the Municipal Systems Act, and in terms of sound communication practice?