DA Vision


WITH reference to Charles Pellew’s letter “Time for DA to deliver on vision” in the Talk of the Town dated September 1, I wish to highlight the following:  Chapter 7 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa defines the objects of local government. (Section 152).

The Democratic Alliance vision is based on freedom, fairness and opportunity, and within this framework, conduct our business in council.

As the official opposition in Ndlambe with six seats as opposed to 13 for the ANC it is unlikely that we could outvote the ANC in council and therefore rely on our ability to debate issues with clarity, based on our vision to achieve outcomes that will benefit all residents of Ndlambe.

Schedule 1 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act defines the code of conduct for councillors and all DA councillors fulfil their duties in terms of these codes.

It is the duty and obligation of all councillors to challenge any recommendation that is not consistent with legislation, therefore there is no conflict of roles. It is also the responsibility of council to hold municipal officials to account according to the preamble of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000 and chapter 3 of the Municipal Structures Act, read with chapter 7 (Section 152) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. We have done so vigorously whenever the need has arisen.

The development of the IDP is an open process wherein all residents have an opportunity to participate and contribute through open meetings and ward committees. This is also true of the budgeting and approval process and it is here that, particularly the Ndlambe Ratepayers Forum and PA Residents and Ratepayers Association, have been of great assistance in the past year.

DA councillors appreciate all interaction with the community and are available to discuss any issue with residents. Healthy debate and input from concerned residents assisted in putting together a budget for 2016/17 that was realistic and sustainable.

My contact details are:  083-558-3195 and e-mail ray@seafield.co.za