Grandparents’ day at El Shaddai

Grandparents of all shapes and sizes attended the special day for grandparents of pre-schoolers at El Shaddai on September 9.

Some were volunteers from the Word of Truth Ministry in Port Alfred, but every child had someone special to attend Grandparents Day.

Where grandparents lived far away, the mothers and fathers attended instead, as well as other relatives like uncles and aunties.

While the children were sitting quietly making things with Plasticine, or model play sets, the adults were treated to tea and cakes.

Children and adults could also make prints of their hands together.


BUSY BEE - Robin Collette and grandson, Scott BowkerPLAY SCHOOL: Vuvu Bali and her granddaughter, Toy VenaMY GRAN: Robin Collette and grandson Scott BowkerSHY SMILE: Grandparents Vyv and Lolly Dollery with granddaughter RayahHANDS FULL: Mom Lisa Becker with Allegra, Rosaline and Cara-MiaHANDS FULL: Mom Lisa Becker and uncle Willem Laubscher with Allegra, Rosaline and Cara-Mia BeckerMY GRAMPA: Vyv (correct) Dollery with granddaughter, RayahDIFFERENT HANDS: Parents Kerry and Simon Knight with son, Connor