Face2Face with Megan Walwyn

Q: Tell us about your job.

A: I am currently a senior lecturer at Stenden and my favourite subject to teach is accounting. I also lecture marketing and revenue management and I coordinate minor courses in social entrepreneurship and lodge management.

 Megan Walwyn
Megan Walwyn

Q: What made you get into that line of work?

A: I originally studied hospitality and then did a fourth year in management. After doing part-time work for the Cape Town Hotel School, I realized that I had a passion for education and decided to pursue a career in education and hospitality combined.

Q: Describe the most memorable experience that you have had in your line of work.

A: Writing “late” on a student’s forehead with my board marker. I think Fifa 2010 was pretty memorable as well. The students were working in the VIP boxes and we had to leave Port Alfred at 4am on match days just to get them to the stadium on time. Getting about 100 students onto buses at that time of the day is no easy feat.

Q: What do you do to unwind when you are not working?

A: I like to exercise (gym/swimming/cycling/running) or have a cold beer/glass of wine close to the beach or river.

Q: What is your motto in life?

A: Live today.

Q: What makes you happy?

A: A sunny day at the beach. Simple.

Q: What makes you angry?

A: People who look for reasons to complain. I think it’s best to try and see the good in everyone and enjoy life as much as possible. Why can’t everyone just get along?

Q: What do you think about the youth of South Africa? Do you have any advice for them?

A: I think they are independent and confident, which can be a great thing. I wish I had had more confidence in my teenage years. My advice: Get your nose out of your mobile phone and go for a walk outside. There is so much more to life than selfies and X-Box.

Q: What do you like most about Port Alfred?

A: The size (love small towns), the river, the beach and the laid-back surf culture.

Q: If you could change one thing about Port Alfred…

A: The ruling party. I’m a proud DA supporter.

Q: What is your favourite music of all time?

A: The theme song from the movie, Cider House Rules.

Q: Who would you like to take on Amazing Race given the opportunity?

A: My brother, my boyfriend and my boyfriend’s best friend. They’re all fit, competitive and entertaining. PS. Can I take my jack russels?

Q: Three wishes for South Africa…

A: It starts with education. We need better schools to educate children about family planning, life orientation and how to keep our planet safe. I hope that one day we will see a reduced crime rate and I would like to see abused women given the chance to feel empowered in business and community.

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