Face2Face with Tharine de Vos

Tharine de Vos
Tharine de Vos


Q: Tell us about your job.

A: I’m a self-unemployed serial designer and inventor.

Q: What made you get into that line of work?

A: Being unemployable and having a brain that works like a “kaleidoscope” (apparently)…

Q: Describe the most memorable experience that you have had in your line of work.

A: Completing something with a successful end result.

Q: What do you do to unwind when you are not working?

A: Find other things to do, or vegetate with a good book or bad movie.

Q: What is your motto in life?

A: Live in hope

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Being empowered.

Q: What makes you angry?

A: People, especially insecure people who are harmful to good, solid people.

Q: What do you think about the youth of South Africa? Do you have any advice for them?

A: I think the youth are at risk of becoming spoilt self-entitled individuals, who do not know the meaning of “earning” respect, which also ties in with empathy for others. If respect, awareness of the worth of discipline and appreciation for self-worth through “earning” is not learnt as a child, when will one ever learn it? All this current indulgence in protecting the self with mollycoddling runs the risk of creating a generation of narcissists.

Q: What do you like most about Bathurst?

A: The sense of community and acceptance.

Q: If you could change one thing about Bathurst…

A: As with anywhere, I would change the behavior of self-important, self-serving and sanctimonious idiots that know how to manipulate under the guise of the greater good.

Q: What is your favourite music of all time?

A: Indie rock.

Q: Who would you like to take on Amazing Race given the opportunity?

A: I don’t even understand the question; if it’s a reality show, I run (haha) a mile…

Q: Three wishes for South Africa…

A: That the value of being politically correct is rediscovered as a point of avoiding preconceived ideas and opinions, as opposed to promoting the lack of responsibility and accountability; that there is greater transparency in agendas, as opposed to those that piggy back on the guise of the greater good, yet only have their own portfolio and egos as a priority for concern; and that those who want to create a greater good are identified and given the opportunity to be the best they can be, while those that want to ride the wave of self-serving idiocy, get exposed.


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