Neighbourly Notes – 3 November 2016

BAG-PEOPLE: Paper bag masks, made specifically for the Bathurst Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday, were the order of Friday evening at the Engage Art Centre opening. From left are Peter Mosley, Tharine de Vos and Bert Brummer Picture: ROB KNOWLES
BAG-PEOPLE: Paper bag masks, made specifically for the Bathurst Art Fair on Saturday and Sunday, were the order of Friday evening at the Engage Art Centre opening. From left are Peter
Mosley, Tharine de Vos and Bert Brummer

IT’S a busy Saturday this week, with several exciting events taking place. First is the Christian Men’s Association breakfast, taking place at 7.30am at the Lodge in Port Alfred for all the early morning risers. The Kleinemonde Morning Market also takes place on Saturday morning, and the Bathurst Country Affair (BCA) should be great fun all day on Saturday. There’s also Rotary’s High Tea taking place at the Ski-boat Club at 10am, and a talk on the Cuylerville Cricket Club at 1pm (meet at the Shaw Park Country Club). The Sunshine Coast Gymnastics Club will also be challenging residents and visitors to see how many cartwheels they can achieve in a minute at the club. And, if you are already at the BCA, why not go see the a cappella group, Pro Carmine, at St John’s Church at 2.30pm. For these and all other events, see our diary.

DON’T forget to book your table at the Talk of the Town/MyPond Hotel Quiz in aid of the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen on Thursday November 17. Quiz master Jon Houzet will tantalise you with questions on general knowledge, music and much more. Book your space with Ivy or Debra on 084-585-3442 / 083-260-0334 or

AN ultimatum has been given to students of Rhodes University to either sit their exams now, or apply to take them in January and February next year. However, they have been warned that there will be no supplementary exams for those who do not pass their exams early next year.

WHILE all the national news is focused on the release of the public protector’s report on state capture, former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said the report is final and there is no legal reason for its release to be delayed. Following Tuesday’s High Court ruling where judge president Dunstan Mlambo struck off the roll the application by co-operative governance minister Des Van Rooyen to interdict the report for lack of urgency, on Wednesday President Jacob Zuma also withdrew his application to interdict the release of the report. The High Court also permitted opposition parties who had initially applied to oppose the president’s
application to join in the matter. Zuma maintains he did not have sufficient time to respond to questions posed by the former public protector on his relationship with the Gupta family.

YESTERDAY morning (Wednesday) motorists awoke to yet another fuel price hike. Petrol rose by a whopping 45c/ while diesel increased by an even larger 65c/l. The report is that the weaker rand has forced price increases but, if you have been following the currency exchange rates over recent months, you will have noticed the Rand actually strengthening against most international currencies.

GREETINGS to everyone enjoying a birthday in the coming week, may the year ahead bring only happy and healthy times or all, especially, Jannie Badenhorst, Jason Prince, Nicolene Rieger, Helga Adams, Geraldine Heim, Penny Kavagias, Pam Difford, Isabeau Schoombie, Doreen Tee, Lynn Schuurman, Mary Hechter, Bryan Smith, Warren Solz, Mary-Ann Gailey, Candice Bradfield, Cybil Wheelwright, Ray Pitout, Jurie Grant, Neil Doyle, Adele van der Walt, Yma van Zyl, Beryl Kemp, Jamie Edwards, Juliet Chishe, William Whitham, Bridgette
McNelis, Janie Butt, husband and wife team – Andy and Darice Nicholas, Stephne Evans, Linda
Wedderburn, Cliff Kemp, Brian Fargaher, Connor Bessinger, Moira Schnehage, Norah Bennett,
Hermaine Kritzinger, Christopher Green, Chris Louw, Johan Roos, Declan Joubert, Jean McCowen, Gaz Worral, and Anne Muir.

BEST wishes and continued success to the following businesses or organisations who are celebrating another milestone, especially Lunch Box (Alexandria), The Workshop (Bathurst), Kowie Crossing Guest House, Debonairs, A1 Pre-Owned Vehicles, PA Floral Art Group and the PA Round Table No 197.

PETROL has increased, but the rand remains strangely stable during this period of political
uncertainty. In fact, Brent Crude has relinquished its $50+ a barrel position and has dropped below R48 a barrel. As we go to press and with last year’s figures in brackets to compare against, the Rand was trading at R13.43/$ (R11.05), R16.47/£ (R17.62) and R14.88 to the Euro (R13.81). Gold was trading at $1 296.19 per fine ounce ($1 170.37), platinum at
$996.80 per fine ounce ($1 233.00) and Brent Crude oil at $47.89 per barrel ($85.28).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, June Hart, Linda Hulley, Ben Kember, Blake Squires, Llewellyn Wicks, Philly Dell, Myrna Keet, Barbara Tee, Bevan Edwards, Jonathan Walker and Brenda Shelton.

DEEPEST sympathy and special thoughts to the family and friends of Dawn Alder, 89, who died on October 27, hours before her 68th wedding anniversary. A lady till the end. For many years she enjoyed being the cheerful Hotelier at the Langdon Hotel. Memorial will be at Full Gospel Church 10.30am on November 16.

OUR heartiest congratulations and very good wishes for the future to everyone celebrating a wedding anniversary in the week ahead, especially Malcolm and Shirley Evans (59 years), Patrick and Jeanine Kenny, Jan and Elva Niemand, Garner and Nicolene Rieger, Gunther and Nola Johannsen, Barry and Anne Hartley.

IT was with sadness we heard of the death of Pete Burns last week, the lead singer of the pop group Dead or Alive. Who could forget the hit singles, You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) and Brand New Lover? Reporter Rob Knowles went to school with Burns in the 1970s, and remembered him as a strange and quiet boy. After his pop success he underwent a lot of plastic surgery which, it is reported, he later regretted. Cheers Pete, you definitely made a mark in the hearts of a lot of fans.

TODAY (Thursday) is the first day of the first test down under between the Proteas and Australia at the Waca in Perth. Good luck to the boys.

AND, while we congratulate the Proteas, it’s commiserations to Orlando Pirates who went down 6-1 to SuperSport United on Tuesday evening. This could be their greatest margin of defeat ever.

THOUGHT for the week: “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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