Nikelo’s honesty brings hope

I WOULD like to share with all your readers the following experience, which to me is a true modern-day miracle.

On November 17, during the course of the morning’s running around, I had dropped my wallet and was totally unaware of it. Upon returning home some time later, I was met at the door by my wife telling me that there was someone on the phone concerning my wallet. Despite thinking it might be some scam of sorts, I took the call.

To my utter amazement, a person identifying himself as Khuthele Nikelo from Station Hill then proceeded to describe my wallet to me. You can imagine the shock – until then I hadn’t even realised that I had lost it.

Typically, it contained my driver’s licence, ID card, medical card, bank cards,
membership cards, etc. In other words, the potential for a bureaucratic  nightmare.

In light of that, the money in the wallet was of no consequence. We arranged to
meet in town and I found myself meeting and conveying my heartfelt thanks and
appreciation to a thorough gentleman, and the contents of the wallet absolutely intact.

This experience could so easily have turned out differently – with the money
removed and the wallet discarded into the nearest bush, with all the resulting
chaos. After spending some time with Nikelo, I know I made a new friend in town.

Once again my sincere thanks and best wishes to you, Nikelo, for your total honesty and sincerity.