Water restrictions announced

WATER restrictions were announced at yesterday’s open council meeting for the whole of Ndlambe. The following shall apply:


Prohibited immediately is the watering of gardens, lawns, grassed areas, flower beds, sports fields, bowling greens, golf greens and fairways, croquet lawns, turf wickets, ploughing fields and the like;

  • The topping up or filling of fountains, ornamental ponds and the like;
  • Filling swimming pools and paddling pools;
  • Washing paved areas, walls roofs, buildings and similar structures.

Also banned is the use of hosepipes, sprinklers, sprinkler and drip systems, automatic swimming pool filters and automatic urinal flushing systems.

Also banned is the connection of hosepipe or any form of irrigation system to a tap supplying water from the municipality’s water supply system unless for the purposes permitted in terms of those exemptions listed below.


  • The use of reclaimed water or water obtained from sources other than the municipal water supply system;
  • Watering gardens, lawns, grassed areas and flower beds by means of a hand-held container;
  • The use or operation of a hosepipe or sprinkler system for fire fighting;
  • Watering of plants, trees, shrubs in commercial, state and municipal nurseries;

The prohibitions described above shall not apply in any case specifically exempted, in writing, by the infrastructural development directorate.

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