SEA RESCUE – National – Sunday, 18 December.


Juan Pretorius, NSRI Port Alfred station commander, said:

At 10h58, Saturday, 17th December, NSRI Port Alfred duty crew were activated following reports of a man in difficulty on a sea kayak off-shore of the Kariega River and eye-witnesses, observing the man who seemed to be in obvious difficulties had lost sight of the man in misty conditions.

The sea rescue craft Lotto challenger was launched and our rescue vehicle, towing the sea rescue craft Rescue 11 Alpha, responded and Rescue 11 Alpha was launched at the Kariega River Mouth.

Local lifeguards joined in the search.

During a search we found the man walking towards Kenton-On-Sea dragging his sea kayak along the shoreline from the West side of Kenton..

It appears that in the 3 meter swells the man had launched through the river mouth to paddle out to sea but he had been battered by the heavy surf, capsizing and washing with currents towards the shore further down the shoreline and out of sight of eye-witnesses who lost sight of him in misty conditions.

He had been separated from his paddle board and managed to swim ashore and his paddle board washed ashore later.

The man was exhausted and we brought him back to Kenton-On-Sea. He is aged in his late 20’s, from Grahamstown, and has holidayed and always paddles while on holiday in Kenton-On-Sea for the past 10 years but he says he was completely taken by surprise by the rough sea conditions today.



Alan Stilwell, NSRI Port Edward duty controller, said:

At 15h20, Saturday, 17th December, NSRI Port Edward assisted Police to locate the parents of a 3 year old female child who had been separated from her family in the crowd of beach goers.

Our NSRI crew and Police walked up and down the beach trying to find the childs family but after the parents could not be found on the beach the sea rescue vehicle was driven onto the beach and using the rescue vehicle loud hailer and a Police officer speaking in the local dialect isiXhosa addressed the large crowd this yielded no result.

The child was brought to the sea rescue base and while in the care of our NSRI crew the family finally arrived at the sea rescue base looking for their child and they were reunited.


Geoff McGregor, NSRI East London station commander, said:

At 19h08, Saturday, 17th December, NSRI East London duty crew responded to Nahoon Beach following reports of a drowning in progress.

The SA Police Services and Dynamic ambulance services also responded.

On arrival on the scene it was found that a father appears to have gone into the water to help his son who was in difficulty.
The father grew tired and got into difficulty himself.
We believe that a local surfer Brandon Flynn may have assisted the son out of the water and then went back into the surf with his surfboard and was assisting the father to stay afloat (the father was at this stage suffering complete exhaustion and no longer able to help himself).

Jordy Malherbe and his dad Andre, local surfers, had arrived on the beach and seeing Brandon helping the casualty they both launched their surfboards to go to help Brandon.

On their arrival we believe that Jordy took over helping the casualty, bringing him safely to shore, and Andre assisted Brandon, who was by now also exhausted, to get to shore.

Local surfers Brandon Flynn, Jordy Malherbe and Andre Malherbe are commended for going to the assistance of the father and his son and managing to rescue them successfully averting a disaster at Nahoon Beach on Saturday.

The father and his son were checked by paramedics but they required no further assistance.

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