High praise for hospital staff

AS foreign nationals visiting from the UK, we were recently involved in a road crash when an overtaking car T-boned our hire vehicle, and my wife and I were taken to hospital in Port Alfred.

Naturally we were very apprehensive and anxious as well as in pain and shock.

We were taken in and processed swiftly and efficiently and then x-rayed (repeatedly) and treated with the utmost care and professionalism by a variety of your medical professionals.

Throughout we were kept informed and watched as a variety of different patients from the standard accidents and road traffic incidents through to snake bites and fevers came in were assessed and treat all in a calm and efficient manner.

Everyone from the administrators through clinicians, doctors, porters and orderlies should be congratulated on a thoroughly good job. Also certainly the cleaners whose continual presence made sure the whole area was clean and well presented.

It’s very easy to see fault and complain especially in situations of stress and anxiety but we thought as outsiders to the regular patients they see that we were very well treated and they are to be publically thanked for their work.

We hope that none of their services are required by any of your readers over the Christmas festivities but if anything may happen, from our experience you will be in very good hands at the Port Alfred Hospital.

Whether you can sleep if they choose to allow a music festival until the early hours of the morning in the adjoining field, which disturbed us staying on the Marina, I doubt. But that is probably beyond the control of the hospital and is in the hands of some politician and they are a law unto themselves and seemingly armed with few if any decency, honesty or common sense genes once elected.


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