The mill of legends

Serendipity with Bev Young

GOOD WORKING ORDER: Bradshaw’s Mill in Bathurst is a well-preserved icon

BRADSHAW’S Mill in Bathurst, possibly one of the most iconic, historical wonders of this region, stands proud in the village as an entity that celebrates the tenacity and dedication of the early 1820 Settlers who arrived here from England.

There are controversial recounts of the work, ownership, disasters and eventual outcome for the mill. In the end it is a magnificent legacy for everyone to enjoy.

The purpose of the mill, as stated in a time-shell, was for grinding corn and manufacturing coarse clothes and blankets.

By August 1821 the Bradshaw brothers, together with Isaac Wiggle, a carpenter and wheelwright, had obtained a free grant of land in Bathurst on which to build this mill. Despite the incredible difficulties in building this mill,  in April 1823 the Bradshaws petitioned to establish themselves in a business, weaving and preparing clothes, blankets, serges and flannels using colonial wool.

There were highlights, successes and many disasters along the way, including financial ruin, wars, infighting, and lack of expert knowledge for the conditions in Africa. Extensive details of the monument are available onsite when you visit there.