‘Service with a smile’ wins over visitor

I RECENTLY had the pleasure of spending four weeks in Port Alfred, having recently taken occupation of my new home in Misty Waves.

What an absolute pleasure it was dealing with everyone in your special town.   I decided to build a home there for a few years’ time and, from the very beginning, it was a pleasure dealing with the agent and then the building company.  Thanks Lauren and Brett.

What was particularly noticeable to me during my time there over December was the way that people in Port Alfred actually seem “motivated”.  Everyone was happy and had a purpose in life.  Nothing was too much trouble.  Buco became used to my daily visits and the staff were amazing.  Thank you.  The staff at other shops, supermarkets and restaurants are obviously all happy and more than willing to help.  Generally, everyone was helpful, motivated, smiling and welcoming.

The Kowie Regatta was also something I had specifically come down early to witness.  What a special time that was too.

I live in Limpopo and, while very happy where I am currently, there is just not the same kind of feeling.  People here seem to think it is their right to stand behind a counter and be rude.  To not provide any kind of service.  To take three weeks just to give a quote to repair a broken window.

It was a real pleasure being in Port Alfred for those four weeks and I look forward to, one day, moving there permanently.


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