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A BEAUTIFUL GAME: Pupil Aphiwe Payi hit a four during practice, after a beautifully bowled over by Aluta Phathale, with Chantonia Duiker playing fielder Picture: LEBOGANG TLOU

Cricket introduced at Nemato school for first time

NOMZAMO Secondary School may have just begun a new chapter in the lives of their pupils by introducing cricket as an extracurricular activity at the school.

Furthermore, they may have made history by including female players in their team.

The team met for this week’s rehearsal with high spirits, and started off by catching up in some fitness exercises.

New teacher at the school, coach Gareth Mitchell played umpire while waiting for the rest of the squad to arrive.

“Fifteen guys pitched today,” Mitchell said excitedly.

In total, including the three girls, 18 players arrived for practice on Monday afternoon, showing a high interest in the sport.

The team itself is energetic, and keen to not only impress but also to excel at both school and cricket. However, for two pupils on the team, cricket is more than just an extracurricular activity.

“Playing cricket is my dream, and I would like my dream to come true,” said 16-year-old Tyrrick Arnoldus, who made it onto the emerging team with his twin sister Tarryn.

Similarly passionate is Shacquille Thomas, 16, who has a dream to play for the Proteas one day.

“Cricket is my favourite sport,” Thomas said. “Playing cricket is my dream and I would like to play for the Proteas. I enjoy playing cricket.”

The process behind the forming of this eclectic team of aspiring cricketers began two weeks ago as the opportunity arose when Jarred Smit, a friend of Mitchell, visited the school.

“I asked Mr Mitchell if the school had cricket – he said no,” said Smit, 19, who leaves to play cricket in Gouda, Holland at the end of April.

“Cricket keeps children off the streets, away from drugs. Cricket is fun, you get what I’m saying?”

Smit, who has refined cricket to a personal science, got into contact with Sports ‘n All, as well as Bellingham & Smith on that day, and began the process of acquiring gear and equipment for the team, who currently rely on two old bats, makeshift wickets and a ball.

“Jarred came to see me, trying to get the school’s cricket team running,” said Pierre Coetzer from Sports ‘n All. “They’re looking for basically starting equipment for a team. He had already contacted Bellingham & Smith. We’re not doing a non-paying thing, but we’ll assist at a heavily reduced price.”

Anyone who wants to help can contact Nomzamo Secondary School on (046) 624-3183 or Talk of the Town on (046) 624-4356.


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