Helpful folk a blessing in need

THERE are still some very kind and helpful folk in existence!

This was proved once more after our frightening experience in town last week. Pulling out of a parking in front of Thospark, my husband Clive suddenly had no control over the steering wheel and we were heading straight for a car parked on the opposite side of the road. He slammed on brakes and there we stood almost blocking the road for passing traffic.

Not being able to get Chris Nel from Spannerworx on his cell, I was going to run to his house a few blocks away to ask his wife Liz to phone the workshop. Dave Endine, who was first to stop and offer help, insisted on driving me there.  Chris organised a tow truck that could only come in about 45 minutes.

The next thing Chris arrives hoping he may be able to solve the problem on the spot. After his hopes were dashed he told us to push and he manhandled the front wheel till we got it safely to the side of the road.

He once again came to the rescue after we’d waited two hours in the midday sun and chased up the tow truck. In the meantime Jacky and Carlos Cruz who live opposite all this commotion had also come to offer help with pushing the car, bringing us cold refreshments and just generally keeping us company in our long wait. I managed to get a lift to Kleinemonde with the De Konings to fetch our other vehicle and return to Port Alfred.

Thanks a million to all above mentioned. It’s heart-warming to know so many caring people in Port Alfred are willing to help when such an unexpected thing like this happens.



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