Full moon spring tide warning – national coastline

THE NSRI urges extreme caution around the coastline from today, February 10, until at least February 15.

The monthly full moon spring tide peaks with the full moon on Saturday February 11 and the effects of this full moon spring tide on the coastline is now in full swing and will continue to affect the coastline until at least the middle of the coming week.

Spring tide happens twice every month, at full moon and at new moon, and lasts for a few days over each full moon and each new moon, peaking on the day of the full moon and the new moon.

The twice monthly spring tides bring higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides and stronger than normal rip currents.

The “full moon spring tide” will affect the coastline causing stronger than normal rip-currents, higher than normal high tides and lower than normal low tides.

During every spring tide the public, anglers, bathers, beach strollers, boaters, paddlers and coastline hikers are advised to exercise extreme caution around the coastline and to be aware of the abnormal sea conditions, stronger than normal rip currents, higher than normal high tides, lower than normal low tides, the spring tide phenomenon and its natural effect on the coastline.

Bathers should go to beaches only where and when lifeguards are on duty and obey the safe swimming areas protected by lifeguards.

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