The Great Trek, retold in a most entertaining and informative way

RACONTEUR: Robin Binckes, right, gave an excellent talk of the Great Trek at last week’s Probus Club meeting. Presenting him with a small token of appreciation, as well as holding Binckes’ book, ‘The Great Trek Uncut’, is Probus Club member and friend, Chris Day Picture: ROB KNOWLES

ROBIN Binckes believed he had heard all there was to know about the Great Trek when he was at school but, as an adult, discovered the truth regarding the journey of the “Boers” was far more interesting, and is currently writing his second historical treatise on the subject.

Binckes was speaking at the latest Probus meeting, held at the PA Ski-boat Club last Tuesday.

Having spent years as a public relations businessman, Binckes decided he was not ready to retire and therefore changed careers to become a tour guide.

“I had learned about the Great Trek at school and, like many of the pupils, was bored with it. But there was so much more about the story than we learned at school and, when I began to investigate it for my tourism business, I became intrigued,” he said.

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