Opportunistic thieves steal brick pavers

THIEVES are stealing brick pavers from roadworks sites where various roads are being upgraded in Ndlambe.

A Bathurst resident reported that she saw two white bakkies loading up pavers being used to pave Pussyfoot Lane on the afternoon of Saturday February 18, immediately suspecting they were stealing these pavers.

She took down the registration numbers – DFT 224 and CNJM 749. She did not go to the police as she feared being “targeted”.

The same thing has apparently happened in Port Alfred.

TotT asked municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa if the municipality and its contractors were aware these pavers were being stolen, how much was being lost due to theft, in terms of pavers stolen and monetary cost, and what would be done to prevent such theft.

Mbolekwa responded that the municipality and contractors knew that there was theft on site, and that the municipality had hired security guards to guard the roadworks sites.

“This theft happens mostly after hours at midnight and on weekends, we are doing our best as the municipality to combat this theft,” he said.

“This matter has also been reported to police in order to request visibility of the police at night when they are doing their check points.”

He said when the foreman is on standby those responsible for guarding the sites have been instructed to drive to all the sites at various intervals.

“During our investigation to the cases that have been reported we found that mostly they [the thieves] take the half bricks that are produced as the results of cutting. It not easy to quantify that,” Mbolekwa said.

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