Make use of market building

Serendipity with Bev Young

AS IT WAS: The old market building in Port Alfred, now known as The Lounge, in earlier times

THE tragedy of historical villages is when the old becomes unwanted, or out of date.

An open market on the banks of the river, where the weekly met to sell comestibles was the highlight of the village programme. It was here that the farmers came to sell their butter, milk, cheese, vegetables, livestock and where the community gathered to catch up on local gossip.

The focus in developments is that entrepreneurs want to build in the hub of a town. Currently our iconic market building is in fine fettle, yet so underutilised.

Various attempts to create a commercial interest in the building have failed badly.

Of course as a museum, it would be perfect. A sturdy building, well protected by the police station across the road, this relic of the erstwhile Port Kowie needs to be highlighted and celebrated.

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