Local women bind together for world day of prayer

WOMEN across Christian denominations in Port Alfred gathered at the Word of Truth Ministries for Women’s World Day of Prayer on March 5.

Celebrating the 87th year of the day of prayer in South Africa, local pastor Reddie Ndoro led the service with this year’s theme being, “Am I being unfair to you?”

The theme was inspired by the Philippines cell, where Filipino women shared anecdotes of their life and struggles.

“What I love about God is that he made women strong,” Ndoro said.

The service opened with a beautiful liturgical dance and praise singing by Robin Aldeia whose rendition of Bind us Together caused goosebumps.

Ndoro preached that Jesus is not coming for just the Baptists, Anglicans or the Catholics, but he is coming for one church.

Women gathered at the world day of prayer to present testimonies of Filipino women, and bind together to ignite a solidarity source of strength through prayer for peace and justice.

The theme closely examined Jesus’ grace and mercy, emphasising that it is never too late to accept God as your saviour. But also that Christians need to surrender themselves to God for him to use them for his will; that Christians need to do God’s work, and not just become passive in their belief.

Ndoro read from Isaiah 5:1-7, the song of the vineyard that depicts how god richly blessed and tended to his vineyard, the chosen people, giving them everything they needed to thrive. But instead of grapes, God received wild grapes, so the vineyard must be radically pruned.

“God has given us everything we need to thrive. We have freedom of religion. We are not in hiding, scared to practice our faith. We can go to church with a Bible under our arm and not risk our lives,” said Ndoro.

“Is everything then not well with us? We are so engrossed with me, myself and I. God created us for more than what we are today. The more you have the more you want. It keeps us so busy that we don’t have time to do the things God intended for us.”

Ndoro preached that Christians care too much what people think of them and don’t realise that what they have, they have been given by God. “Is it not enough?” she asked.

In her sermon Ndoro reminded the audience that the reason they are still alive is because God is not finished with them. “While you are going about God’s business, he will take care of your business”.

Ndoro said the time is now. “May God challenge us. Let us stand up and say, ‘God here I am. I don’t know how to do this but use me to your will’.”

Several reflections and pledges were made between women alongside each other as well as confession, an assurance of forgiveness, and prayers for afflicted women – especially the Filipino women who work and live in dire situations.

Women’s World Day of Prayer takes place every year in more than 170 countries across the world and brings together women of various races, cultures and churches in fellowship and understanding.

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