Absent Ward 9 residents have failed in their duty

LAST week I was one of very few Ward 9 residents who attended a meeting held by councillor Mbuleli Njibana at Port Alfred High School.

Firstly I must commend the councillor for calling the meeting and I must berate all the residents of Ward 9 in the Port Alfred area (bordered by Albany Road and Bathurst Roads) who did not take the opportunity to: a) to meet the councillor and b) air their concerns and queries.

Public participation is offered to us – and yet most continue to complain, and when a genuine “reaching out” is made, most decidedly ignore that opportunity.  I was heartened by the spirit of the meeting, and would urge residents to look out for the next notice detailing date, time and details of the next meeting which will be held firstly to feedback on issues raised last week and secondly to elect a representative to the ward committee.

Enough sitting back and complaining – it is time for an active citizens’ drive where we start working together for the betterment of all.  It is here at municipal level that real changes can be made and we all have a responsibility now to save this nation.


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