Journalists deserve my thank yous

ON behalf of Emlyn Culverwell and Iryna Nohai, both the families would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following:

Louise Carter – Talk of the Town, Athena O’Reilly and Dominic Peel – Daily Dispatch

Riaan Marais – The Herald, Zoe Mhlana – TNA Media, Hannes Kruger – BEELB News, Highveld Radio Station 947.

In particular a very special thank you to Terri Stander, DA Member of Parliament, for her intervention and assistance.

Very very special thanks go to Yas Waterworld, Farah Experiences and Miral from Emlyn and Iryna not only for everything they have done to help with their release but for their continual support. Thank you from both families.

Thanks too, to those from Yas Waterworld who were with us all the way. Those friends of Emlyn and Iryna have stood by their side from the onset never giving up. To those few special people, you know who you are. Stay true to yourself.

For the journalists mentioned by name, your professionalism, sensitivity, accuracy in the manner in which you individually handled the story is to be commended.  It’s people like you who are to be respected in your line of work.

Unfortunately, on a bitter note, other journalists who ran with the story without consent or facts you should not be in this line of work. Many things disclosed have had a bad effect on Emlyn and Iryna who are still trying to overcome the ordeal. Sensitivity is key!



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