Which supermarket makes SA’s most delicious potato salad?

Potato salad is a quintessential braai side. Image: iStock
Our panel of judges put three ready-made potato salads from leading supermarkets to the taste test


We put out a call to our readers to be part of the panel of tasters; they came together on a Saturday morning and were presented with potato salad from three leading supermarkets – with no branding – on separate plates

The tasting panel was looking for a potato salad where the potatoes were cut into uniform shapes that were tender but not falling apart, covered with a quality mayonnaise, some chopped parsley or chives and well seasoned.

The salads were judged on appearance, texture, taste, quality of the mayonnaise/dressing, the ratio of vegetables to dressing and whether the tasters would consider purchasing the salad.

Auditor Jade Craig was on hand to monitor the process from removing the packaging to numbering the products, overseeing the process in the kitchen and adding up the scores on the score sheets presented to the tasters.


potatoSalad1.jpg First place: Pick n Pay 500g

Judges’ comments: A well-blended salad with lots of flavours and a fresh taste. There were chives, which gave it another dimension, although for some it lacked salt. Mayonnaise dressing was lovely and the combination of ingredients blended well.

Price: R39.00


Second place: Woolworths Classic Potato Salad 500g

Judges’ comments: The salad had a good appearance but some felt the potatoes were too hard and undercooked and the mayonnaise was insufficient and not creamy enough. Some enjoyed the addition of mustard seeds, others found it detracted from the flavour of a typical potato salad.

Price: R37.99

potatosalad3new.jpg Third place: Checkers Potato Vegeworth Grab-a-Salad 300g

Judges’ comments: Although it had a good appearance it was described as bland and “something was missing”. Some said the potatoes were floury and undercooked and the mayonnaise not of good quality. Mayonnaise was said to be sour/vinegary and the salad left an aftertaste. (Packed with a handy fork.)

Price: R22.99