London attack: SA witness describes scene after carnage

A year to the day after a terrorist outrage in Brussels‚ a South African has described the aftermath of a deadly attack outside the British Parliament in Westminister‚ London.

Four people including the assailant are dead in what British police are treating as a “terrorist attack“.

The man‚ who allegedly stabbed a policeman to death‚ was shot and killed by police.

At least two other people died after a Hyundai SUV was driven across the Westminister bridge and purposely steered into pedestrians.

Lamese Waterfield‚ a South African freelance journalist in London‚ says she has never seen the area around the British Parliament so quiet in the wake of the attack.

“I am currently in Westminster. Aside from journalists and police‚ the area around Parliament is virtually a ghost town. This is normally one of the busiest sections of London with ten of thousands of people commuting… It’s rush hour.

“They would be leaving work‚ heading into the stations… but it’s a completely eerie feeling. I have never seen such a large of police presence in the ten years that I have been in London.”

Pedestrians mowed down by terrorist on bridge in London

It is unclear if the man who has been shot was driving the grey Hyundai which struck a railing in Westminister after knocking people over.

Several were hit by the car and left badly injured people‚ with one apparently pushed under a bus.

A critically injured women was also rescued from the Thames river.

French students have been injured by the attack‚ according to the French Prime minister. — Tiso Black Star Group/Katharine Child

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