Trapped in suspense

GRIPPING TALE: Lokval takes readers on a suspenseful journey to thwarting a domestic terrorist’s plan to disrupt the peace in South Africa, a gripping and masterfully written read

LOCAL author and educator, Stefani Prinsloo, who writes as Stefani Serfontein, has published her second book – an Afrikaans suspense adventure novel called Lokval – which translates to “Trap”.

The adventure is set in 2015, however begins four years prior in Yemen when a relief refugee camp is attacked in the middle of the night.

Sarah, Ari’el, Debbie and Daniel are first met there. However, the character to truly marvel at is Captain Rassie Erasmus, who spear-heads the Special Detective Unit which deals in anti-terrorism.

Lokval depicts fictitious events surrounding a terrorist attack in Cape Town, perpetrated by Edmund Muller – the villain from Serfontein’s first novel Oase.

Domestic terrorist with connections with Yemeni terror cell “Die Drie Broers” (The Three Brothers), Edmund Muller, has a taste for destruction. Following his escape from prison, he detonates a bomb in a busy street in Cape Town.

Captain Rassie and his team set out to figure out who was behind the terrorist attack, only to discover that the formula to a top-secret chemical weapon has been leaked and another attack is coming.

In Yemen, a double agent is discovered. The Koalisie vir Vrede in Jemen (Coalition for Peace in Yemen), Ari’el’s team, have discovered and apprehended the traitor in their midst, who betrayed them for the terrorists.

In Cape Town, one of Captain Rassie’s own may have been leaking information too, deepening the suspense and heightened sense of mistrust as a theme in the novel.

The captain and his team have to race against time to stop Muller from blowing up the Table Mountain aerial cable. But first, they must discover that he’s the mastermind behind all senseless destruction.

A central theme in Serfontein’s novels is the omnipresence of God – and prayers for safekeeping, guidance, reassurance and peace are oftentimes either thought out or voiced by the characters. The novel links together practices from the Jewish and Christian faiths.


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