April Fool

Dear Web and Facebook friends

IT has come to our attention that many of you who have read our page 3 article on the closure of the R72 (from the Fish River to Alexandria) due, apparently, to people being nasty to the road workers, has whipped up a storm of consternation.

Firstly, the Headline read “R72 to be closed on APRIL 1”. The date should have raised some alarm bells. In the first paragraph it states, “…on April 1 in order…”. We felt that this would be a dead giveaway but it apparently was not.

Then we have the names of those involved. Gift Geskenk (present, present) is and never has been a councillor, Blakkie Tarr (tar is black) does not work for Gibb, Ubuhlungu Mpundu (translated as “pain in the backside”) is not the municipal spokesman and Ivan Sumomonny (think about it) does not work for Sanral.

Even the name of the reporter, Joe King Yochain (say it out loud – sounds like Joking your chain), is not someone who works for Talk of the Town.

April Fools articles of the past in Talk of the Town have included “stompies in the bread” and “wind Farms at the Marina”. While they caused some consternation, at least until someone spotted the intended joke, we have never had a reaction like the one for the R72 closure.

With all the bad news at a national level, we felt it quite appropriate to share some light-hearted humour with our readers.

We wish everyone a very happy April Fool’s Day, and hope that you now understand that we, at TotT, have a sense of humour. We sincerely hope our readers do too.

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