Gordhan calls for ‘mass mobilisation’ against Zuma

Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan has repeated his call for mass mobilisation against President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle.

Gordhan – speaking at a memorial service for ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada – said he would take up the matter with the party’s national executive committee.

“This ANC is still our ANC. We regret that comrade Kathy leaves us at a time when the ANC finds itself in trouble. But we cannot say we don’t know what the problems are or who the problem is‚” said Gordhan.

“We need to get this organisation of ours into shape to be truly the people’s movement. When three senior officials of the ANC say‚ within 48 hours of each other‚ that ‘we don’t know where these decisions are made’‚ then there is a problem.”

He said South Africans should “connect the dots” to establish whose bidding those behind the cabinet reshuffle were doing.

Responding to accusations from a television news channel that he was agitating for an uprising‚ Gordhan boldly told guests at Kathrada’s memorial service: “Yes‚ I am calling for mass mobilization.”

Kathrada’s widow Barbara Hogan‚ a former minister of Public Enterprise‚ told Zuma to step down from office.

“Mr President‚ do you have ears to listen and eyes to see? If you had ears to listen and eyes to see‚ you would not have appointed four finance ministers in three years. If you have ears to listen and eyes to see‚ you will step down.”

Hogan also criticised the presidency’s decision to cancel an official memorial service‚ at which Deputy President was meant to speak.

She said the government was fearful of Kathrada’s voice.

“They are so fearful of his voice that they saw it fit to cancel his official memorial service. Today‚ we stand here to say we will not be silenced.”

In more criticism of the party‚ Gauteng legislature chief whip Brian Hlongwa said the ANC often spoke differently to what it did.

“There seems to be a credibility gap between what we proclaim and what we do. The ANC does not exist for itself. The label of leader of society is not in our DNA. It is something we must earn.”


Tiso Black Star Group/Sunday Times

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