UPDATE: ‘Shut down SA, Zuma must go!’ Ndlambe constituency

Jacob “JZ 783” Zuma in parliament

IN response to Jacob Zuma, or JZ 783, as he has come to be known, firing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas on dubious allegations of an intelligence report, the South African public are outraged.

In Ndlambe three separate protest events are planned under the Freedom Friday, Shut down South Africa event on Friday April 7.

In Bathurst locals are calling for the public to march from Nolukhanyo township to Bathurst village.

Monty Roodt, Bathurst local confirmed the march starting at Nolhukanyo,” [The]march will be from Solomon Mahlangu Hall in Nolhukanyo (opposite clinic and crèche) to Bathurst police station. Meet at 7.00am. Please make posters/banners with focus on ending corruption/South Africa must rise. Marshals will have to be appointed and wear red armbands. Please bring red material if you have any,” he said.

“If permission is not granted, we will station groups of 14 at 100 m intervals,” said Roodt.

Bathurst resident Mike Meyer has bought 500 #Rise up, South Africa t-shirts. Mike Meyer and Roodt are driving the march and Meyer paying for the shirts. Tori and Craig Stowe have printed these at no cost.

“For me it has little to do with Zuma – but a lot to do with hope and unity,” said Stowe on her Facebook page.

In Port Alfred, the public will meet at 10am opposite the Magistrate’s Court for a peaceful demonstration.

The DA has called for the public, of all organisations, political parties, religious groups and communities to meet at the traffic lights by the Nico Malan bridge for a peaceful picket protest from 11am-12pm. 

DA councillor Joc Guest announced on social media that a gathering will take place at the entrance of Kenton on the R72 from 11am to 2pm. She stressed it is not a DA-organised gathering and is open to everyone to join who feels aggrieved at the current political decisions made.

“Please wear black or religious, political allegiance colours to show our diversity in objecting to this man-made disaster. Bring your own posters. Any other event is deemed legal if held 100 metres apart and has no more than 15 in the group. Thanks to those who will do the marshalling duties to ensure a smooth, peaceful event,” Guest said.

South Africans have expressed outrage on social media and have called for mass action on various platforms. A letter has been circulating since last weekend calling for a mass shutdown in South Africa on April 7.

“Every citizen, every city, every one that cares about our country. Not because of the DA or any political party but because of South Africans. Do not go to work, or to school or do anything unless you’re taking to the streets in protest. On Friday, April 7 South Africans need to take to the streets in masses… wherever you are, with signs of protest to make our collective voice heard. Block highways, stand with your communities, go to political houses, go to prayer meetings, and arrange your own marches. Do whatever you can to make your voice heard. I will no longer be supporting corruption and the evil that has plagued our beautiful country. I will be joining a nationwide shutdown. On Friday, the people of South Africa, regardless of race, or political affiliation will stand up against Zuma and every single other corrupt official. Together, South Africa will rise! #ZumaMustFall #SouthAfricaMustRise”.

All across South Africa, the public are mobilising for marches and peaceful protests, and there is already a backlash from the ANC government suggesting there will more instability to the economy if public protests go ahead.

The DA has subsequently cancelled its march to Luthuli House, published on Facebook, in fear of violent attacks as threatened by ANC members.

The intelligence report was alleged to contain details about how Gordhan and his deputy Jonas‚ had met with forces with an intention to overthrow the South African government. Both Gordhan and Jonas have rubbished the claims.

Zuma has decided to replace Gordhan with Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba who has no official experience in finance. Since then South Africa was downgraded by Moody’s and then declared with junk status by Standard and Poors.


  1. Please note that the t-shirts for the Bathurst protest will read, “Rise ip, South Africa” and not ZumaMustFall as stated in the above article.

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