How strange can you read?


RELAXING READ: Port Alfred High School Grade 2 teacher Carin Graham reading in an unusual place. PAHS is running a Reading in Unusual Places competition until April 24

CAN you read upside down? Or in a tree? How about reading on the back of a horse while going on a slow trot on the beach?

This holiday, Port Alfred High School foundation phase is running the wackiest and most unusual competition to help motivate pupils to read more as well as “edutain” themselves on those long boring days with nothing to do.

The Reading in Unusual Places competition was the idea of PAHS mom Bev McLellan, who wanted to help raise funds through a fun activity for the whole school seeing parents and families to take part while promoting reading.

This holiday snap a quick photo of your child, or self, send the photo to your child’s class teacher or take a printed photo to the school reception and stand a chance to win a prize. The entry with a person reading in the most unusual place will walk away with a prize, especially pupils in Grade1, 2 and 3. The foundation phase winners will win a super book prize with a photo to be published by TotT.

“Head down to the library, or use a book that your child may already have and get snapping. If they want to, the children are welcome to dress up for the part, but the book must be visible and they must read it from beginning to end,” said PAHS marketing coordinator Laura Mileham.

“We really hope that by working together we can encourage our pupils to turn to reading as a way to break boredom during the holidays. As the saying goes, if you don’t like reading, it means you haven’t found the right book yet,” Mileham said

The plan is to make the Reading in Unusual Places an annual event. “Let your imagination run wild, get creative and let’s make reading a fun way to keep busy,” said Mileham.

What must you do? Take a photo and Whatsapp it to 084-607-6174 (remember name and grade). Each entry cost R20 which will need to be paid before the closing date on April 24 at the school. No photo-shopped entries will be considered and each entry must visibly show the entrant reading the book. The judges will have to be able to see the cover of the book in the photograph too.

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