Unrest over housing in Alex

RESIDENTS of Alexandria took to the streets last Thursday, blocking the R72 and denying motorists’ access through the town.

At the intersection of Alexandria and Kwanonqubela township protesters blocked the road, with smouldering fires and chants.

According to reports, residents were frustrated and angry that a promised housing project had not materialised and that the affected community were still living in dire conditions.

Another issue brought to light during the protest was the ongoing water challenges in Alexandria. Residents are angry and demanded to speak to the municipal manager and the mayor for their grievances to be heard.

The illegal protest started early in the morning with demonstrators burning tyres and tree branches to close off the road. A thick cloud of black smoke hung over Alexandria as frustrated motorists sat stationary on the Kenton side of Alexandria.

Public Order Police arrived and maintained the crowd, dispersing the protesters to allow traffic through eventually at 10am, but many witnesses reported damage to their vehicles by aggressive protesters throwing stones.

Throughout Voortrekker Street, protesters took their frustration out on municipal refuse bins and town beautification features. Big pots alongside the street where palm trees were planted were toppled over and ripped out. Refuse had been strewn in the middle of the road and on sidewalks while smaller fires were seen burning further in town.  Shops and retailers closed their doors while traffic was redirected through the farm areas towards the chicory storehouses.

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FEATURED IMAGE: Alexandria service delivery protest 2016

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