Station Hill residents refuse to accept tender award

RESIDENTS of Station Hill burned trees and pushed broken bricks into the road last week when a tender to fix a road there was awarded to a contractor from Kenton-on-Sea.

BURNING ISSUE: Police arrived to put out fires at Station Hill last week where protestors challenged Ndlambe Municipality to award tenders to locals rather than the “pick out of a hat” method they currently employ Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Aside from the some destruction of plants and breaking a few bricks the residents remained well behaved. They demanded that the municipality award tenders in their area to contractors living in the area, saying there were enough people without jobs in Station Hil, and therefore no reson to bring in contractors from outside the area.

Residents, including councillors and ward 9 committee members gathered at the Nemato/Station Hill crossroads on Bathurst Road and met with municipal speaker, Vivian Maphaphu, who promised to take the issue to the mayor.

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