New expo at Marselle for the kids

The Ndlambe Education Expo is an important event for the school children in our rural areas and is one taking place on Thursday April 20 at the Marselle playing fields.

The last expo took place in November, with hundreds of children gathered to watch the SANDF and police helicopters take-off and land at the event, and some lucky children were even taken for a spin.

FLYING HIGH: Sergeant Letladi Mahlakwana stands on the skids of an SANDF Eurocopter, flown from Port Elizabeth to Marselle in November last year as part of the Siyandiza Aviation Awareness Expo to inspire children in the township to consider aviation as a possible career choice when they leave school Picture: ROB KNOWLES

This time there will be delegations from the provincial and local educational departments, the SANDF, schools and a representative from the office of the Minister of Agriculture. The school pupils will learn about

The school pupils will learn about life skills, careers and what they need to do in order to be successful in life. Even if you have no kids, this is an event

Even if you have no kids, this is an event well worth attending. The sight of large army helicopters is enough to draw even adults to the Marselle sports fields.

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