Burglar brothers busted


THE Port Alfred SAPS cluster celebrated another successful breakthrough in the arrest of two notorious burglar brothers this week.

WELL DONE: Cluster Commander Brigadier Morgan Govender, centre, congratulated and thanked Panther Farm Security owner Dudley Waters and Sergeant Eric Mafu for a breakthrough in arresting two serial suspects’ in house break-ins

The brothers have been on the run, and have been identified as serial offenders who have been implicated in several house break-ins as well as other crime-related incidents in Port Alfred and surrounds.

Cluster Commander Brigadier Morgan Govender congratulated and thanked Sergeant Eric Mafu and Panther Farm Security owner Dudley Waters for their tenacity and efforts in fighting crime.

The two brothers are known to SAPS and farm security and have been targeting houses in Port Alfred, Seafield, Southwell and Bathurst.

Mafu was on vacation when he was contacted by Waters who had received information regarding the two culprits.

Without hesitation Mafu placed himself on duty and together he and Waters worked with their informants and managed to arrest the brothers, aged 36 and 47, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

During the early arrest at a home in Nemato, Waters and Mafu recovered goods to the value of R12 000.

Several items were stolen in the most recent incident and included a sewing machine, television set, clothes, shoes, camera and other items. The suspects face a charge of possession of suspected stolen property. They will appear in the Port Alfred Magistrate’s Court soon.

Waters said the suspects would zero in on an area and then go on a spree before quickly moving to other areas. Both of the brothers have been arrested before, also for theft related crimes.

The brothers were known to live in the bush for a few days, observe a targeted house and wait till they knew no one was home. Informant intelligence said the brothers would sit in shebeens and discuss the farmers and their valuables. Waters also managed to forewarn an unidentified farmer “whose name came up” that the duo were discussing his firearms and safe contents, stating that his “days were numbered”.

Local informants helped identify the place where the brothers were hiding. Mafu and Waters surprised them, arresting first the older brother and then the younger.  “Our operation started about 10pm on Tuesday evening and it was all done and dusted at 2am. We arrested the older brother first, he cooperated and we recovered some of the goods. He gave the other one up instantly,” said Waters.

He commended his partner-in-justice for his dedication and effort to fighting crime. Waters said Mafu was already home in Peddie on leave when he asked him to assist on the case.

“We work well together, and I needed him. He turned around and came back to Port Alfred without hesitation. There are not many people who would sacrifice their leave to come and work a case. He is a one in a million police officer. Thank you to Mafu for your dedication, loyalty and for keeping communities safe,” Waters said.

Read this week’s TotT for full story and more details.


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