Heavenly spa treatments in the garden

THE Mobile Beauty Salon arrived at the Talk of the Town offices at Tuesday lunchtime and began setting up the beds, towels and soothing aromatherapy candles in the garden.

Tired and weary, reporter Rob Knowles was to have a deep tissue back, neck and head massage, and I opted for the full skin treatment (75 minutes).

RELAXING TREATMENT: Talk of the Town reporter Rob Knowles received a deep tissue massage from Nomendo Mati. The Mobile Beauty Salon can do treatments at your home Picture: JON HOUZET

While we lay on stretchers in the garden, with the pale sun keeping temperatures comfortable, the two therapists, Rezelle van der Merwe and Nomendo Mati got down to business.

Knowles said afterwards that the deep tissue massage had done wonders and had alleviated the pain he had developed on the side of his neck.

“Wow, that felt good,” he said.

The concept of a mobile beauty salon is perfect for those who cannot spare the time, or do not have the ability to attend a conventional beauty salon.

I decided on the facial since I have been feeling rather tired lately, and thought I could do with a little “pick-me-upper”.

Since I feel strongly about using minimal products on my face, or sticking to products more on the natural side, I was a bit nervous of what the ladies at The Mobile Beauty Salon were going to do and how it would affect me.

Van der Merwe, a friendly and warm-hearted therapist, talked me through the process, explaining each step and application through the facial.

I was thrilled to learn that the therapists at The Mobile Beauty Salon use a range called Ayurvedic Skin Care and Beauty Care Products. The range is completely natural, and is based on ancient beauty and skincare ingredients used for enhancing longevity in India for as long as 3 000 years ago.

Ayurvedic treatments are formulated to detox, nourish and rejuvenate face, body and hair at all levels providing a complete mind, body and spirit experience; complete natural treatments combining specific herbal blends for every skin conditions.

Many of the treatments combine fresh raw ingredients like carrots, cucumber, potato, yoghurt, milk and honey to make fresh herbal pastes. The benefit of fresh ingredients combined with power of herbs rich in enzymes, vitamins, proteins results in naturally giving the skin and hair rejuvenation and marked improvement.

Just like an Ayurvedic doctor would, Van der Merwe asked me a few questions on my habits, and problematic areas (blemishes and puffy eyes), to determine a unique individual facial constitution.

First she exfoliated my skin with an apricot and walnut scrub, she then did a few extractions (get rid of any unwanted blackheads and build up under the skin), followed by an oil treatment filled with anti-ageing properties purposed to replace elasticity and collagen back into the skin.

I then enjoyed a facial massage and a hydrolysing protein mask to place hydration back into the skin and help rejuvenate any tired cells. While my mask was setting, the therapist offered a relaxing foot and leg massage, while I quietly slipped away to dream world listening to the birds and the light breeze ruffle the trees outside.

“We believe in creating the utmost comfortable environment,” said Van der Merwe.

“It tends to be more personal when a client can relax in their own environment,” said Mati.

The Mobile Beauty Salon also serves clients after hours, in their own homes in their own time. Their treatments range from skin treatments, all waxing, massage therapies including Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, deep tissue, nail treatments and full and half day spa packages as well as special pensioner’s discount, every day.

Contact either Mati or Van der Merwe on 082-764-3662/ 083-515-1734 to book your appointment.




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