Laptops, cash and cameras stolen in burglary at Bathurst Showgrounds

NO SAFE PLACE: Bathurst Agricultural Society president Danny Wepener was shocked when he saw how thieves had smashed a safe during a break-in at the Bathurst Showgrounds

THIEVES broke into the administration office at the Bathurst Agricultural Showgrounds on Friday night, taking laptops, cameras and cash, and appeared to have an intimate knowledge of the layout of the office.

From Saturday morning, the staff spent the entire weekend cleaning up, after the thieves
broke in through the main office door and destroyed the office area, breaking into the old cast-iron safe and emptying it.

There has been a marked increase in incidents of burglary in Bathurst over recent months
and Wepener said that the real problem appeared to be habitual offenders who are repeatedly caught, spend a little time in prison, and are then released back into society to steal again.

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