Cell tower consternation

THE news that a proposal to construct a 25m-high cell tower on the property of the Dias NGK Church in Forest Downs North has some residents hopping mad, insisting that cell towers not only endanger the health of those living nearby but also harm the environment and devalue their properties.

“This will be the fourth cell tower to be erected in the area,” said resident Charles Pellew, who has carried out an extensive study of the subject.

“There is already one tower in Stewart Road in Port Alfred. Now there are proposals for another four cell towers, all on Dutch Reformed Church properties at Forest Downs, Boknes, Nkwenkwezi [between Station Hill and Nemato] and Bushman’s River Mouth,” he said.

Sheila Swanepoel from the Bushman’s River Ratepayers Association (Brrag) confirmed that she had set up an open public meeting at the NGK in Bushman’s on Monday May 29, starting at 5.30pm, to discuss the issue.

In another protest, Van Wyk and Pellew have organised a silent protest at the NGK in Forest Downs at 8.45am on Sunday May 28.

See this week’s Talk of the Town for the whole story.

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