UPDATE: Glendower, Elmhurst and Barville Park fires under control

The fires that flared up Tuesday at Barville Park near the R72 between Kasouga and Port Alfred were doused,but ignited again yesterday. Since then they have been brought under control and put out.

Glendower farmer Adrian Ford said there were still three hot spots in the area but these are closely being monitored. After news broke, Port Alfred community and surrounds, sprung into action, delivering hands, food, blankets and water to scene to help local farmers and fire fighters.

“We are so grateful for the response and the help from the local community. thank you for everyone who came and assisted. We are blessed to live in a community where people don’t hesitate to help. The community really stood together,” said Elizabeth Ford.

Surplus water and supplies donated to the local fire break out personnel have been taken to Harcourts to be donated and taken to Knysna where devastating fires have engulfed Garden Route towns.

Barville Park fire has flared up again – help needed

Port Alfred and Kenton Round Table clubs are collecting  blankets, clothing and bedding that they hope to get to the Knysna Round Table clubhouse who have opened their clubhouse to members of the public who need shelter. If anyone can assist, please contact alan@pieman.co.za

Port Alfred donations can be left at Harcourts at Shop 4, Duckpond Centre , Port Alfred.Kenton on Sea donations can be dropped off at Sunshine Spar. Grahamstown donations can be dropped of at Just Property.

If you know of anyone in Knysna needing assistance, send them to the Round Table Clubhouse, which is at the sports field in Loerie Park in George Rex Drive,Knysna.

Any financial donations for Knysna fire can be made to:
Round Table George 30
Reference: Knysna fire

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