Personal testimony inspires at the CMA breakfast

IN the absence of the speaker on Saturday morning, the Christian Men’s Association (CMA) breakfast turned out to be no less interesting as pastor Mervyn Comley gave his own very personal testament regarding his relationship with God.

EARLY RISERS: The CMA breakfast took place on Saturday and, in the absence of the scheduled speaker, Mervyn Comley gave a personal testament about his encounter with God and how that changed his life. Comley is seen third from the left on the front row Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Organiser Leon Coetzee said that in the 31 years the CMA has been in operation, this is the first time he knew of that the speaker had not arrived. As an alternative, he proposed a round-table type meeting for the small group of Christians who had braved the frigid morning air to be at the Celebration Centre by 7.30am. When he suggested Comley recount his experiences with God he readily agreed and continued as though it were scripted.

“It was in 1962 that the Lord first spoke to me,” he began. “I lived in a small village of only 25 houses, but there were four churches – two Methodist, one NGK and the other a Congregational church.

“I slipped into the church during a Pentecostal service. It was full with only 30 people, so I found a seat and sat down although I wasn’t really listening to the service. Suddenly there was a voice – God certainly moves in mysterious ways – which said to me, ‘I want to use you’. It was not a command, more of a request or a warning that my life was going to change.”

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