Kenton must focus on its tangible assets

ALTHOUGH friendliness of the people of Kenton/Boesmans, as espoused by its many visitors, is a major asset, raconteur and CEO of Kariega Park, Alan Weyer, recommended to rather look at more tangible assets when advertising the area.

MARKETING TIPS: Alan Weyer, right, gave some advice on marketing the newly rebranded Kenton/Boesmans area to the Business Chamber on Tuesday evening, and received a gift from Chester Wilmot, left and tourism manager Este Franz Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Weyer was the main speaker at the Kenton/Boesmans Business Chamber last Tuesday evening and was invited to speak about tourism marketing, a subject Weyer is very familiar with.

“The friendliness of the area is a natural thing. I was driving along a road here recently with a foreign visitor. A man was walking at the side of the road and, as I passed him I waved. ‘Oh, who was that?’ asked the passenger. When I told him I didn’t know he found that very odd. But that’s what we do here,” explained Weyer.

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