Living it up at the Heartbreak Café

RENOWNED for her one-woman plays, Bathurst resident Corinne Willoughby returns to the National Arts Festival this year with her latest production Living it up at the Heartbreak Café.

MORE WIT AND WOE: Corinne Willoughby of Bathurst returns to the stage at the National Arts Festival this year

Willoughby was brought up in the hard school of performing on the stage, radio and in film. Trained at the Mas-Phillips College of Drama in Cape Town from 1975 to 1977, this was followed by one years’ alternative training at the Space Theatre also in Cape Town.

Apart from one-woman shows she has performed for Pieter Toerien, Richard Loring and many others. She focuses mostly on fringe and left -of-centre workshopped productions.

This is Willoughby’s fifth Grahamstown Festival. In 2015 she performed her play I’m not going to rehab, I’m going to Mauritius at the Festival. After an absence last year she is back with Living it up at the Heartbreak Café, which is very much based on her personal experiences as a waitress.

Willoughby’s café has it all – gourmet gossip, sex and lies, backstabbing and love – in other words, eating life.

The play is written and performed by Willoughby and directed by her occasional collaborator Louwrens Orsmond, who also makes a cameo appearance. Art and props are by Billie Oliver and costume and props by Annie Katz.

The venue is Dicks at the Monument with performances on June 29 (free fringe), June 30 and July 1-3. Tickets cost R50.

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