SA regime change has already taken place

NEWS last weekend that an extensive rouge intelligence and secret service network controlled by sham South African citizens is in full operation in the country completes the picture of covert state capture.

The stark reality is that South Africa has become, and is treated as, the private enterprise project of an essentially foreign conglomerate, steeped in a centuries’ old imperial culture – one that among other, gave the world the game of chess.

And don’t be surprised that a shebeen and at times massage parlour, sometimes feature in the Gupta-story – the Kama Sutra also hails from the erstwhile Gupta empire.

For South Africa it has become late in the day and, as happened to the city hall of Mangaung last week, once the reality of what has happened over the last decade and a bit, fully registers with the masses, the country could go up in revolutionary flames. By then, if urgent steps are not taken, the imperial lords would have retreated to the safety of one or more of their home castles abroad.

Reports emanating from the so-called “Gupta-leaks” (see here and here), reveal clear evidence of crimes against the South African state. Some urgent arrests and prosecutions need to follow if justice to the people of South Africa is to be done. Procrastination, hiding behind a string of promised investigation after investigation is no longer good enough.

[pullquote]The country has fallen victim to effectively “an international crime syndicate”[/pullquote]

Return of the Gupta Empire

A very insight full and comprehensive article by Sipho Pityana in the Daily Maverick, ‘joins the dots,’ gives a clear picture of how the country arrived at the dire straits it is in at the moment.

Although we do not agree with every detail of Pityana’s report, we do however agree that the country has fallen victim to effectively “an international crime syndicate” we prefer to call “The Return of the Gupta Empire.”

From the outset, the then still mainly provincial political player in KZN, President Jacob Zuma was maybe naïve or, out of his depth, in the economic/political game of chess the Gupta conglomerate was starting in South Africa. Over time he became at least a knight, if not the queen on ‘board South Africa.’

Just a few headlines, resulting from the Gupta-leaks, give an idea of how wide and advanced the Gupta-pieces have moved, shielded by ‘Queen Zuma’ – even penetrating non-governmental areas of the South African household:

  • Zwane never declared Gupta India trip‚ DA reveals;

The bottom line of all of this is, that it is way too late to think that the removal of President Zuma at this stage would be the end of the story. A long challenging battle lies ahead to reclaim our land for its citizenry. Fact is, the ANC in government has failed us dismally.

The end game might start at the end of this week – and it will be just the start – with the ANC’s consultative/policy conference as curtain raiser for the end of the year elective conference.

Pityana is probably not far off the mark when he writes: “… we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that Jacob Zuma’s project to sell South Africa’s sovereignty could involve rigging the ANC elections in 2017, and even the national elections in 2019.”


One need not necessarily have to agree with him that is all a Zuma project, to recognise the dangers lurking in our political ‘jungle’ in the immediate future. He, for one, raises a valid concern: “Why is the IEC (Independent Election Commission) suddenly wanting to change an IT system – one that has been used to successfully run several of our elections on time – for 2019, which would be the most fiercely contested election? Is their end game our economy – or our entire political system?”

This a time for extreme vigilance from all political leaders – also those of integrity inside the ANC – opposition parties and organised civil society to ensure control over the state is returned to the people of the country. As the experience in countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe show, vigilance is especially required when foreign consultants become involved in the infrastructure and/or administration of elections.

This article originally appeared in The Intelligence Bulletin, by the Intelligence Bulletin Team